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What is the Best Cover Material for My Project?

We are often asked about our cover materials. Its one of the more difficult questions for us, because we love them all! For wedding books, one of our genuine bonded leathers or an imported book cloth usually works well. For fine art and commercial projects, it really depends on the experience you want your audience to have.

As you can see from the photos on this site, there are any number of cover treatments – from blind deboss stamping to custom windows to multiple materials – which can be applied.

Color can be a consideration: wedding books are generally black, white or a color theme used in the event incorporated either into the materials or within the design of the page spreads. Commercial books will often integrate colors found in the photographer’s logo and marketing materials.

Mixed materials work well with our handmade papers paired with bookcloth. They also work well with clamshell cases. To add one more element to the mix, we also create custom dust jackets for any book, yielding yet another look.

The simple answer is: when the creative mind as guide, the sky’s the limit. We offer 30 stock cover materials, and we can also refer you to sources where you can choose from hundreds more. It would be a lot easier if we offered black, white and brown – the way all albums used to be. However, we left the “easy” path years ago, and we invite you to join us in the realm where creative expression rules the day.

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