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Our Story

Bookbinding with Roots in Photography

Many years ago I set out on a journey to find the perfect photography album.  One that would check all the boxes. Turns out it did not exist.


I knew that as a professional photographer, delivering an album to a bride or a design agency could represent a profitable part of my business. But I also knew if that album were to fade, or warp, or in any way diminish my photography or brand it could actually work against me.


Over the years my search became research, then prototypes, and finally the first “perfect” book more than 20 years ago. It was a lay flat book, with panoramic design on every page spread. The printing was beyond gorgeous, with rich colors and details which made my photography pop. The book was archival and environmentally friendly. It was smaller than an album; you might actually leave it out on a table to share. My clients actually cried with joy when they received their books!


I knew my journey had come to fruition, and began a new journey: sharing this new book format with other creative professionals. These were the beginnings of Artisan Craftsman Books.


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Lawrence Crandall, Founder


Heather McKay, NY

Your books are my TOP seller (and I’m in a mid range wedding market). People understand the difference when they have the option. Can’t wait to show this one off…

Brian Dorsey Studios, NY

Just got a bunch of albums from you and I should let you know that they are gorgeous.  I'm so thankful that I found you all those years ago.  I really love the work you do.

Carol Boss, Hahnemühle

I showed our book to my CEO from our headquarters in Germany. He wanted to take it back to Germany to show everyone there.
I said NO WAY this one stays.
I cannot  thank you enough!
It is so Beautiful!!!

Fine Art Bookbinding


Our books are a step above and work well for photographers, designers, artists and agencies who seek a uniquely rich format to showcase their clients work.  Our printing & patented binding process is more costly than press-printed books, but the difference in “fit and finish” will be self-evident in your hands. We invite you to contact us for details on pricing and sending us files for bookbinding.


"This is the handsomest such book we’ve ever done… the printing & binding is off the charts. I think you’ll be knocked out when it’s in your hands."

- Keith Yates, Keith Yates Design, Auburn CA -


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